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City Bike
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24" Straight / Curve bicycle

26" Straight / Curve bicycle

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Folding Bike
Ease to store, Travel

16" Folding bike

20" Folding bike

Kids Bike
Age 3 and above

12" Kids bike

16" Kids bike

20" Kids bike


Keep your bike dry
Keep your bike inside if you can to avoid exposure to water which will rust moving parts, if this is not possible, consider buying a cover .

Keep your bike clean
This prolongs its life. Pay particular attention to the moving parts which will rust if left dirty. Do not use soap and water as this can leave a salty residue - which causes corrosion. Just use a damp cloth or if your bike is really dirty, use specialist bike cleaning liquid.

Lubricate the chain and pedals
This will keep them working properly and reduce wear and tear. Use a specialist bike lubricant which helps clean and protect. Hold a cloth underneath to catch any excess. Do this about once a week. Don't allow the lubricant to get onto the brake blocks or pedals as this will stop them working properly.

Check that the tyres are fully inflated before you ride. If they feel soft, pump them up. The correct pressure is written on the side of the tyre. You can see that this tyre should have a pressure of 75 to 100 pounds per square inch. If your pump has a pressure gauge, you can pump it up to this precise figure. If it doesn't, just pump till they feel hard.

How To Put On A Bicycle Chain

Step 1: Hook back on
The easiest way to do this is to hook the chain onto the bottom sprocket and pedal backwards.
Don't try and hook onto the top of the chain ring, always hook onto the bottom and pedal backwards

Step 2: Pedal
Now pedal forwards until it is in the right gear or keep changing gear until the chain pedals smoothly.  

Step 3: If it's jammed
Sometimes the chain gets jammed between the smallest sprocket and the frame. In this case, it's a good idea to loosen the quick release and undo the wheel nut to ease out the chain. The quick release is simply opened by pulling the lever. Pull it open so you can loosen the wheel nut on the other side. Now adjust the chain like before.
When closing the quick release, you should be able to close it completely. It should be tight, but not too hard to push. If it feels too tight, loosen the wheel nut by the derailleur. Likewise if it's too loose, then tighten the wheel nut.  

Step 4: Final checks
Before you ride away, make sure you are in a comfortable gear. Pedal and change gear on both the rear and front derailleur.


Brake Problem! Simple adjustment
Bicycle brake levers are attached to the brakes by a thin cable. These cables stretch over time which causes the brakes to soften.

Step 1. Find the brake barrel adjuster knob on the brake lever body

Step 2. Loosen the lock nut.

Step 3. Turn the barrel adjuster counter-clockwise a quarter turn.

Step 4. Now test the brake by squeezing the lever. When adjusted correctly, the brake should engage slightly before the lever is halfway through its range of motion . Repeat step 3) and 4) until adjusted.

Step 5. Retighten the lock nut.

Step 6. If more than a quarter of an inch of thread is showing of the barrel bolt, have a professional tune your brakes.

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